[Sample Sale] Large Long Banners

$70.00 $0.00

Note: Some general flaws are mentioned (others may not be detected)

Style A

- Pale Pink 100 Days (Korean) Medallion Large Long Banner $70

- almond cream chiffon ribbon

Style B

- Pale Pink 100 Days (Korean) Large Long Banner $65

- salmon pink chiffon ribbon

Style C

- Smokey Beige 100 Days (Korean) Large Long Banner $70

- almond cream chiffon ribbon

Style D 

- Smokey Beige 祝 | 百日 (Chinese) Large Long Banner $60

- light grey chiffon ribbon 

- lettering chipped off 

Style E

- Pale Pink First Birthday (Korean) Large Long Banner $65

- almond cream chiffon ribbon 

Style F

- Pale Pink 祝 | 百日 (Chinese) $70

blue slate grey chiffon ribbon 

Style G

- Pale Pink Medallion (no string) $60

Style H

- Smokey Beige First Birthday (Korean) no string $60


Sample sale items range from like new--used condition. Some products have varying degrees of defect. Others are gently used as photo shoot props. Please be advised that you are purchasing a product at a discounted price (due to varying degrees of defects) during this sample sale. 

No Refunds